Life Drawing 2 (London Edition)

Following on my previous post:

I have been going to life drawing sessions for many months now, and I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge and seeing my improvements from week to week. I decided it was time to change which week I went to and go to the male session (men’s anatomy is hard to draw!)

Here are some of my favourites, some are 5 minute sketches and most are 15 minute studies:



These few are what I consider show the most improvement and best use of charcoal:



After a few months of studing the male anatomy, I have decided to go back to the woman’s week. Even here I can see the improvement in my sketching, the shape, weight, details and tone:






See you soon, got some more updates to come.


One response to “Life Drawing 2 (London Edition)

  1. I have an easier time drawing females, possibly because I’m a girl so I can take reference from myself, Mom, and my three sisters. But guys are a little harder for me. For one thing, their proportions are a slight bit different and their muscles tend to be more defined. They also have harder facial features and age somewhat harsher than women tend to.

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