Inktober 2016

I began posting on my illustration account on instagram (infinitiveidea) a little over a year ago. I discovered the illustration project of Inktober where there is a theme set each day for October, illustrators must work to theme in ink and post their creations online.

Here are my favourites:

Day 3: Collect & Day 4: Garden Witch

Day 6: Oracle & Day 7: Lost

Day 8: Rock & Day 9: Lolita Witch


Day 10: Jump  – by far one of my favourite sketches!

Day 13: Gravity & Day 14: Tree


Day 20: Mermaid & Day 26: Flower

Day 22: Moon & Day 23: Fire


Day 24: Bird – I love toucans, I’m really happy with this sketch

Day 30: Ghost Witch & Day 31: Free Draw

I really enjoyed Inktober and felt my old style & approach resurfacing. I definitely feel that my style and technique is improving and becoming stronger. I would love to do anything like this again, whether its Inktober next year or something I can setup myself I think it’s definitely worth it. Visit my instagram to see all my entries: Infinitiveidea

see you there!


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