C’est magnifique


If you saw my last post (https://theinfiniteidea.wordpress.com/2016/07/21/cant-we-go-now/), you’ll be aware that I recently embarked on my first trip abroad to this beautiful city for a couple of days.

The whole trip was amazing and I will remember it forever more. The process of traveling via eurostar was fascinating, the hotel was great, the attractions were beautiful and left me in awe, the food was mouthwatering and the people were lovely!


I debated sharing with you a chunk of photos but instead I will share with you the manual photos I took whilst on holiday. My Dad’s colleague owned a manual camera with all the accessories and was going to donate it to charity, instead my father mentioned my love for photography and the camera was passed to me. The camera, a Pentax ME super wasn’t working when I recieved it but my dad and I cracked it open and managed (some how) to fix it!

Here are my favourite snaps:

This was one my highlights of the entire trip! It even beats going up the Eiffel Tower, seeming as you can’t see the Eiffel Tower when you’ve climbed it! This is the view from the amazing Tour Montparnasse: http://www.tourmontparnasse56.com/en/                                      Our Hotel was right beneath this massive skyscraper and by the way the lift does climb 56floors in 38 secs! (You can’t feel a thing!!) I recommend by the 2 tickets within 48hours ticket, go in the morning and the evening and you’ll see just how amazing this French city is.


This is le Pantheon. It was well worth the visit and beginning of our ‘Best ceiling award shortlist’. The architecture and details are beautiful, also with an amazing English Pub right next door!


Hopefully you’ll recognise this one, the Notre Dame. Sadly it was closing early due to a funeral taking place later that day, so we didn’t have the oppurtunity to explore it all. Such a beautiful building with the high ceilings, intricate stained glass windows and the atmosphere of the building. With the cathedral still in use, silence falls and you can feel this sense of respect and awe being felt by everyone in this beautiful place.


CNV00022The Louvre! I have always wanted to visit this iconic art museum, the reputation it holds, the artwork and the architecture. I don’t have many shots inside the Louvre on my manual camera due to how busy it was. It was well worth the visit, we weren’t there long but we saw Mona, the Raft of Medusa and some other iconic pieces. One of my favourite books and films is the Da Vinci code, and the Louvre was a must-see.


The Eiffel Tower. Its much bigger than I envisioned, the detail in the craftmanship is unbelievable. I had no clue that writing, swirls, curls and patterns made up this icon of France.


Even though the view wasn’t as impressive as Tour Montparnasse, as the river is so close the Eiffel Tower and it is in the heart of the city you get these impressive views. I didn’t make it to the summit but I’m proud of myself making it up to the 2nd floor.


We had enough time to visit the Palace of Versailles, which was worth a visit! Not in Paris but only 15mins from Montparnasse on a double decker train (which was pretty cool). The beautiful rooms and elaborate style of living  left us wondering just how the royal fmaily lived.


We visited other places but even the streets, the hustle and bustle, the tourists, the commuters, the buildings, shops and the Paris way of life are something to remember.


CNV00027I hope to one day return to Paris. With more time to relax, have picnics, enjoy nights out, take walks by the river and enjoy being in the wonderful atmosphere of Paris.


Now I have been abroad, I think I’m now hooked on the idea of traveling and seeing anything and everything you can in life. Let me know if you have any questions x


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