Dust….The Northern Lights

Traveling for 2/3 hours in london a day has opened up the oppurtunity of reading new books. I wanted to read a collection of books which I then could begin to illustrate to help progress my style and develop my illustrative skills.

One set or collection of books ‘Dark Materials’ by Phillip Pullman aimed for young teens but read by all are amazing. You may have heard of the film ‘The Golden Compass’ based on the first book in this triology, ‘The Northern Lights’. The film came out a while ago and from what I know, flumped. As a kid though, I really enjoyed the film but it did not do this amazing story any justice. I remember seeing all three books in my school libraries, I always read the blurbs but was unsure abiut reading this triology. I would give you a short summary but I encourage to either read the triology under the name of ‘Dark Materials’ or look it up!


Mrs Coulter has to be one of my favourite characters in the book series. She’s charming and manipulative, which is always a bad combination. She’s used to getting what she wants, the focus of everyones attention and an undeniably strong woman.

I know I mentioned that the film adaptation wasn’t very well recieved but I do like the chracterization and style of Mrs Coulter played by Nicole Kidman. Some of the scenes and stylization of her character inspired me.

One thing which I felt was important was the relationship between human and daemon. I wanted this to be visually noticable bearing in mind how subtle details can enhance the connection. For instance the above look I have been exploring for Mrs Coulter’s North wear, I have kept an element of her Golden Tamrian Monkey daemon’s mane, with in her coat, her black gloves to match his hands and his stern expression.

This is a fun project to work on as it includes drawing people and animals, which is something I love to do.




I’m still working on creating some finalised illustrations for my portfolio, I feel like Mrs Coulter’s style and look is almost there…


Lord Asriel..

I always struggle drawing men, I understand the female anatomy and body language but men are hard!

I still have a lot of work to do on the character of Lord Asriel, but I know how I want him to look and how to portray the relationship between his daemon and himself.



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