Dust…Lyra & Pan

Following the previous post, I’m dedicating this blog post to the character of Lyra and her daemon, Pan.



This is one of my initial sketches of Lyra, she was/is quite hard to stylize and develop. I thought by dressing her like this there is a connection to the film adaptation as well pointing out straight away that she is quite tomboyish whilst giving a subtle hint to Pan’s last form in the final book. I don’t like her face in this sketch, the shape is too rounded and childish which does not suit her character. I also made her hair far too dark here, it should be a dirty blonde with hints of a mousy brown.


I drew the above on the train over a few days on & off, I had just drawn her sitting down with out any suggestion of buildings or perspective. I was worried to ruin the sketch but I jumped in anyway (bravely without any perspective grid lines) and produced a sketch. I watercoloured this but found that I needed to use lighter shades and colours. Also watercolour gave this washed out (no pun intended) effect rather than the 3d feel I wanted.

Thankfully before comitting to watercolour I scanned this one in……


I’m so happy with this one! The watercolour one disappointed me as I thought it woud turn out fine. Using the sketch I scanned in, on Pshop underneath the drawing layer I digi-painted each section of this drawing. In doing this it emphasises the concept and perception that we are looking at 3d elements. I have been colouring this every lunch time at work for a few weeks and it was definitely worth it! This is my first full on digi-painting since school, it seems that working with different tones and opacities comes to natural to me.

I intially wanted to create illustrations in a similar method to my ‘Tale of a tail’ and ‘Alice’s adventures in wonderland’, with photographic elements. But I am seriously considering using the above style. To create a depth of field, I selected all the elements in the distance from Lyra, Pan and the roof, and used gaussian blur.

lyra_closeup copy

This is a new favourite technique and style, there is so much more experimenting I could do!

I’m hoping to do some more digi-painting soon, so keep a look out!


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