Three years ago…

Hey everyone,

Three years ago today, I started this blog. It was part of our university work, in which setting up a blog we could see how to represent ourselves and get our work out there. Many other people I know never continued their blogs, they started fresh or decided blogging wasn’t for them.

This was my first post:


This is a new journey I’m embarking on through the world of blogging. I have never really blogged in my life and this will start as a experiment and develop into a design tool, with any luck.


Check it out here:

I think three years into my creative journey, I can say I’ve progressed and my artwork has developed a lot since then. I do miss drawing in my moleskine books, never finished my recent one!

Anyhow, Happy Birthday The Infinite Idea! Thanks to those you have stuck by me and seen my work develop since the beginning.


2 responses to “Three years ago…

  1. Good on you! 3 years is a long time! I have been writing on mine for about one year now and still enjoying the creative journey 🙂

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