Heres a mouse…

Working full time in a creative and busy role, has led to me having constant illustrative output. Ideas sparked by something I’m working on at work or applying a new technique I have learnt.

I doodled this little mouse on my train home last week, (ignore the slight colouring to his face, I got a bit carried away) You just have to remember when you draw mice that they look like they’re wearing harem trousers:


I really like this sketch, I forget how much I enjoy doing sketching things like this (ever since Alice).

Been spending my lunchtimes at work colouring in this sketch and experiment with atmospherics. I really enjoyed doing this, I could add so much more to it. But I’m happy what it looks like, though the colours looked much better on my Mac at work (so lucky if your seeing this on a Mac screen, this is how should be):

mouse_atmospherics copy

I enjoyed working in this way. I think this is something I would like to develop. Working on sketches with digital painted elements. It has progressed from my work at Univeristy, I feel that I should have tried this last year. But oh well!

I hope you like this mouse as much as I do!




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