A little bit of magic…

As you may notice, I have a passion for many films and series. One of which I enjoy but didn’t realise how much I love it, until recently.

The series of course is Harry Potter, I grew up with the books and films.It has such a sense of my childhood and I always enjoy watching them. One of my friends, the lovely Jenny (go check her out here:https://definitelyjenny.wordpress.com/) and I decided to celebrate her birthday by heading to the Harry Potter studio tour.

I wanted to make her a card related to this great series, and produce the Hogwarts Class of 2015 (everyone from our uni class):

everypne copy


It was a fun side project to do and as being a great fan of Harry Potter. I also wanted to progress my digital drawing skills.

Here is Jenny:

jenny copy


bethany copy


The tour was amazing, I learnt so much about how the film was made, the props, the architecture and every detail. I seriously recommend it, even if you aren’t a Harry Potter fan as all the behind the scenes look gives such an in-look into the film industry.


Butterbeer is incredibly sweet but still pretty tasty:


Also I now have a wand:

jennyvs me copy


Anyhow, I have a few projects I’d like to share. But I need to scrub them up. See you soon! x


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