Have A Nice Day!

prsentme copy

Following my update about my new job, I had to finally leave my previous job. You may think of me sad and strange but I loved my part time job, at the retail shop Matalan. My very first job.

yougme copy

I applied when I just turned 16, with a new store opening in my home town. A CV wasn’t necessary and I got through the phone interviews, leading to a face to face interview. I got permission from school to have half a day off (with a little bit of persuasion). I was extremely nervous, there were a lot of applicants. A few weeks later I received a phone call from head office, saying that someone has turned down the job and I was the first on the list to be offered it!

shopfront copy

So I began my first part-time job placed on tills due to my ‘bubbly’ nature (recorded on the interview notes). When I began there were no clothes inside the store, the sign still going up. The people were amazing, such amazing bunch and a great team.

There were some great times, fancy dress:

pjday copyeaster copy

halloween copyxmas copy

Being made Till Champion:

tillchampion copy

Ever since my first day on tills, I vowed to make sure every customer I served left with a smile. I can’t stand being served in a shop, with the till operator making you feel worthless and depressed. I would like to say my vow worked, you would need to ask some of my customers.

There have been bad days:

Not making my selling target or regestration targets.

mepow copy

The dreaded powercut, in which I was locked in our stock room for roughly 20 minutes:

powercut1 copypowercut3 copy

powercut4 copypowercut5 copy

powercut6 copypowercut7 copy

Being at one place every weekend for 5 years, they become your family and a second home. I enjoyed my job with it’s fun, challenges and customers.

prsentme copy

All these illustrations here I put into a card for them, because they mean a lot to me. I’ve grown up whilst working there, gained confidence and become who I am today. One of the sadest moments was having to tell my regulars (some I have served for at least 4 years) that I was leaving and no longer be there till operator. But they wished me all the best and were very happy for me.

Some people think that 5 years was a ridiculous amount of time, but I wasn’t doing the same job over and over again. Every weekend was different, full of interesting people and enquiries. Full of laughs and some pretty memorable moments. I loved being given a ‘mini-manager’ badge due to my experience and how much people came to me for help.

It hit me a week ago, that I no longer need to ask people to sign up for a card, or interest them in a new product. I have my weekends back, though I am thankful for that. I will always love my old job but its time for a change.

Time to do something I love, with the degree I have.


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