A New Chapter

Hello there everyone!

Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve had a busy couple of months. I’m here to share exciting news and update you with everything.

Since graduating university, I had been applying to many, many jobs. Annoyingly most jobs out there ask for experience working in a similar field for 2/3 years but where are you going to get this experience? On top of that, I must have applied to at least 20 different jobs, and didn’t hear anything, no confirmation of my application or automatic response saying ‘thank you for applying’.

Well, this isn’t a gloomy update, a new chapter has begun. I was looking through some of the websites of publishers I really admire and would want to work for. I clicked on vacancies for one and applied for an ‘Art Editor’ role which really appealed to me. I was called into an interview a couple of weeks later, I haven’t had an interview for 5 years and this was the first one related to the career I really want to persue. They were really lovely, quite laid back, I managed to answer all their questions with examples and made them laugh. I had prepared things to leave with them, and brought my portfolio (which I didn’t realise wasn’t nessecary but they loved looking through it anyway). Part of the interview was an Illustrator programme test which I prepared and practised for:


Anyhow, I am pleased to say that even though they told me it would be a week until I found out. The very next day, I recieved an email offering me the job!


I have been an Art Editor for 3 weeks now, and I love it! It combines my love for science and illustrating, I’m not allowed to say where I am working. But it is a company I adore and its so exciting I work for them. They are also based in London and I’m beginning to enjoy the surroundings and setting. I have never been so busy in my life, its a step up from university.

I would never have thought I would be in a full time job already, doing something I enjoy and I have learnt so much too.

More updates to come!


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