Wildlife Photographer


Hello! As you know I’m mainly an illustrator but I love photography (above shot taken by Lewis Allum). Especially taking photographs of the natural world and the wildlife there. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite photographs I have taken over the last few years. You can find some more of my photographs at http://theinfinitive.deviantart.com/    -Enjoy!








My lovely Rabbit, Willow:






4 responses to “Wildlife Photographer

    • Thank you very much! I’ve always wanted to take a photo of a dragonfly as their such a challenge! I happened to be in the garden with my camera as it ‘zinged’ and ‘zipped’ onto our rose bush. It was early in the morning, warming it’s wings up in the sun so it stayed there for a while. You have to be in a form of stealth mode with insects, their quite a bit camera shy!

      • I always wanted to get a photo of a dragonfly too! Last summer, I went down to a lake and I sat there all day trying to get at least one decent photo
        (I have quite a few blurry photos). And then, finally I met some dragonflies that actually seemed to want their photo taken! My post is called “The Dragonfly Rests.”

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