Class of 2015


Yesterday the three years studying Graphic Arts came to an end. It was an amazing day, the sun came out, everyone looked so smart and beautiful. It’s really strange thinking that I have known this lovely lot for three years (more or less literally), that we’ve spent that time progressing our graphic skills.

I began this blog three years ago, in first year as one of our projects. Some of you have been with me for that amount of time, thanks for being regular visits, reading my posts, liking them and commenting. When I look back when at my first post now, I can see how much I have progressed and how my university course has helped me.


I could have gone to two different univeristies, but I am very grateful and glad I picked Bucks New Uni. The lovely tutors, facilities, workshops, course layout, your own nest and lovely atmosphere.

These lovely people helped me through out my time at Uni:


My Illustration Tutor, Mark Hudson


My Branding Tutor, John Hazlewood


Head of Design Faculty, Bill Shaaf


Going to miss this lovely bunch, I hope to stay in contact with all of them. We’re like a strange family which has made my time at uni unforgetable.


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