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Hello Strangers!

I’ve realised I haven’t posted in quite a long time, I have been very busy recently. I’m glad and excited to tell you that I am graduating with a 2:1 !! woop woop! It’s exciting to see how much I’ve progressed since I started this blog and I appreciate all you guys who have joined me for the last three years.

One of the main things to do, since uni has finished is to build my experience. For the last month I have been interning in London at Quarto Publishing and loving it. I have been helping out in various aspects but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much! I have two days left and I will be sad to go. It really answered questions about how publishers work, how they find people to comission and most importantly the journey of a book. It has got me into the swing of things if I worked full time in London in the future, tiring but worth it.

Other exciting news, part one of my YCN Student Award Ceremony invite has come through the post and I can’t wait to celebrate everyone’s wins and successes. By the sounds of things its going to be a mini Oscar ceremony, a good excuse to dress up and have a great evening.

The illustration above started on the train and I continued on quite a few lunch breaks, my rabbit and I have a close bond, I haven’t spent much time with her recently due to my internship but I will be making it up to her.

Now on Instagram: infinitiveidea

See you around guys. x


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