Hello! I am sorry it’s been a while, its been a crazy few months.

On Monday we submitted our two Final Major Projects which make up a little bit less than a quarter of our degree. We spent a long time on these two projects and after submitting you would have thought we’d feel joyous. But it was a mixed bag of emotions as our last hand in. We just expected a new brief to given to us but thats it, the end. However, we do have three exhibitions to set up, curate and run. I still can’t believe three years has passed and that this blog has been running since the first. Everyone says uni goes quickly, but you don’t expect to blink and miss it. The next few months will be a matter of facing the real world and attempt to get a job after our exhibitions. Anyway, let me share with you some photos of the final Lunar:

It progressed a lot more since I shared the first look at it a couple of months back. I am really proud of this project and it’s a story which I would love to continue in my free time.


The branding came from silk screened posters, double sided and dual colour. I love silk-screening and this was the first one I have done that was double sided and two colours. The poster then wraps around the book as packaging, held together with a tracing paper belly band. As my brief was aimed for 10-14 year olds, I thought it was appropiate for the poster to be involved with the display and packaging of the book, when the audience would purchase it they recieved a free poster.





Now onto the book, I won’t show you the inside yet, you’ll have to keep an eye out for a later post showing a taster whats inside (also my laptop is having trouble uploading)


Thanks for having a look, I should be posting again this week more work and exhibition stuff. See you around. x


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