Welcome to Wonderland

Hello again, I thought I would share with you my final outcome for the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It came together on time which suprised me, I was sure that something would go wrong. I am very proud of this project, the concept I began with, the variety of experiments I tried and the final outcomes.


The idea of having a box to slide into, is to protect the book and encourage the owner to pass it down through the generations. Having a display box such as this answered the ‘gift giver’ part of the brief, as well as adding to the atmosphere and summing ‘alice’s adventures in wonderland’ with a first glance. Originally the box net was to be printed directly on to card, but after contacting various printers none would print on more than 200gsm at A2 size which would be too weak. One printers however could print onto self adhesive material which then could be stuck to A2 card I already owned. Through doing it this way, it was cheaper and the print didn’t crack or split on the fold lines, to my delight!



Now moving onto the book itself, I had left enough time to have it printed and bound by a local printers. However, type setting 160+ pages is time consuming and difficult with a lot of dialogue.


The printers recommended a glossy hard back cover due to being more mark resistant than the matte cover, it also looks professional and 5-9 yr old friendly (sticky hands). The inside paperstock I hand chose out of their selection due to the vibrant quality of the print, I wanted the colours and scenes to pop out and immerse the reader.







This was one of the most enjoyable projects I have done in a while and feel really chuffed with. I won’t know what grade or how well I have done until a week or so after Easter so keep your fingers crossed! I also created GIFS of some of these scenes, which I may share at a later date. See you around. x

If you have a chance please take part in my survey for one of my final major projects: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LV3HPGX Many thanks x


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