Travel Survey

Hello! This post isn’t about experiments or the visual side of my projects. I need your help by filling out a survey I have made for one of my Final Major Projects.

My project is focussed on immigration/migration stories, collecting a variety and possibly using them in my final outcome:

As you probably know the topic of immigration is very popular as of recently, the reason of focussing on this subject is due to my grandfather. My Grandad was originally from another country and decided to travel to America, however during his travel he narrowly escaped a mass shooting. After walking and sailing, he arrived in England and met my Grandma, he chose to stay in England with his new found love than settling in America.

The more stories I recieve the better, I want to get a wide range of responses as it will help my project progress. Thank you very much. I’ll see you soon, I have some new work to share later. x


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