Project Lunar

One of my Final Major Project ideas to write and illustrate my own graphic novel inspired by Ruyard Kipling’s Just So stories. If you don’t know these stories they are based on natural curiousities explained by witty and interesting reasons, for instance (spoiler alert), ‘How the Elephant got it’s trunk’ is due to I think it is an aligator or crocodile holding on to it’s nose and stretching it.

My concept is apply this witty and interesting explanations to a different topic. Which you have probably gathered from this post’s name, is focussed on the Moon. The graphic novel is set around the man in the moon and how it makes the Moon phases, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses (one next friday for europe, just don’t look diredtly at it!)

I did start with it being aimed at a younger audience but developed to a Young Teen audience, allowing me to work with a more character focussed and developed narrative. You can see the difference in visual experiments depending on the audience.

Audience: Children 5-9 :


(above) working with wax crayon, experimenting with no lines

character2307 copy

(above) This is my usual, comfort zone area of pens and watercolour

character3308 copy

(above) working without lines again, I love how loose this version is

character4309 copy

(above) what the interior of the moon could look like

Audience: Young Teens (10-14 roughly)


(above) working with three tones and watercolour


(above) detailed biro drawing


I am going to be working with a style similar to this piece above, and this colour scheme of white, creamy yellow and dark blue is going to stay.

Hopefully I’ll be able to show you new experiments within the next week or two. See you soon x


4 responses to “Project Lunar

  1. I’ve said this before I believe, but I’ll say it again: Although your style of art is not highly technical, I like it. There’s something very cool about it. Keep up the good work!

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