Dementia Project Final Pieces – Reminiscence Therapy

Hello there! It seems to have been quite a while since I last posted about my Self Written Project. The last time I posted was just before my Formative hand in, which is one of the deadlines, you get feedback then have about 2 weeks to improve your project for Summartive Hand in (which is tomorrow), no more changes can be made after this deadline and this project goes towards a percentage of my degree :/ .


As you can see my project has changed and developed quite a bit since last time. My feedback is what I kind of expected, that my research and concept was good but the approach didn’t work or communicate the message I wanted to get across. I knew this, on the day of formative hand in I realised that it wasn’t what I pictured it to look like and didn’t do my message or research any justice but I did like the involvement of hands in my campaign to suggest various ideas.

But I am pleased to say and I am really chuffed how my new approach looks and how it fits/answers my brief perfectly. Instead of focussing on dementia and activities you can do together, my focus is now the principle of Reminiscence Therapy which relies on items: photographs, objects, music ectra to act as a trigger, helping Dementia patients remember partcicular things. During my research I came across a quote highlighting how Reminiscence Therapy helps patients reconnect the past to the present, I thought this was poignant and an important factor of this therapy.


As I have only had two weeks to improve and change my outcomes for the better, I began to experiment with opacity, layers and so forth. The best tests I did were through printing onto thin office paper and overlaying them on a lightbox and photographing, this allowed me to experiment with composition and exposure on my camera. To present the idea of past and present through my approach was to show how Reminiscence Therapy can bring them together. For example on my posters, the hands represent the present, a loved one holding their hand in a reassuring, caring manner and the black and white image underneath represents a memory the Dementia patient has with this family member. This disjointed and unconnectivity of these two principles emulates a patient’s mind, as they struggle with memory and recognition. But to promote the idea of Reminiscence Therapy the two concepts are joined and reconnected, exactly how this therapy works when taking part.



I produced for my campaign, 3 x A3 posters (please see above), a leaflet (above) and 3 x video TV adverts. I won’t be sharing my video adverts until I have scrubbed them up slightly for my portfolio, they are short and to the point which works really well but videos aren’t my forte. However, I am proud to show my printed elements as it has taken me quite a while to perfect them, make them look like a recognisable campaign set and easy to understand. My leaflet shows the disconnection of past and present on the two first pages distinguishably apart and the front cover as you can see is the joinment of the past and present.

Compared to my first hand in, I feel that this project has developed nicely and fulfills my brief well but as my first hand in towards my degree I am quite nervous. Due to all my changes and having to redo the experimental stage the video adverts aren’t the best quality I would have liked and also the outcomes have changed so much that it slightly worries me about how my tutors are going to recieve my final pieces. But we’ll see….

I shall see you soon as I have some work to share with you for my new project which I am really excited about and can’t wait to continue, as I have a passion for my next project. So keep your eyes peeled for a new post soon!


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