School Zine Workshops

Hello, a lot has been going on since I last posted, one of the main things was running a series of three workshops at a school with two of my course mates, Danni and Jenny. Yesterday we ran our workshops, GCSE yr9, GCSE yr10 and A-Level we created a different brief for each group with a similar outcome of a zine.


I’ll share some of the work the students made, the 2.5 hour workshop directed the students in making an 8 page zine (small booklet) and doing various timed exercises in order to get them more hands on rather than digital. Some exercises such as: listen to the music playing, what does it look like?, draw the contents of your pencil case without using the contents of your pencil case and draw everything you can think of beginning with the letter B. Our aim was to get the students getting creative and hands on aswell as being less precious of their drawings and work. I think they thought we were slightly crazy and just a bit weird, but they told us they were having fun.

Here are some of my favourite pieces which were produced in the workshop and some group photos of the zines. It was fun, slightly stressfull but I feel that we benefitted a lot from that day too and the students were lovely.











Heres a snap of myself, Jenny took of me joining in our own workshop (not very flattering):



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