Formative Posters, Dementia Awareness

DSCN9300 copyHello. I thought I would quickly post an update about my latest project. A formative deadline is the first time you submit your final pieces for the project and sketchbooks. The summartive deadline (in 5 weeks time) is the last and final submission of that project, for improvements and make your project the best you can.

I created 3 stop motion adverts and 3 corresponding videos. I am only going to post my posters as there is some room for improvement on my adverts, such as the script and treatment. However, I am quite proud of these posters because I struggle with what typefaces work with what imagery, also font sizing, kerning, leading and so on. My comfort zone is in producing the imagery and sometimes book based items, but letters and typefaces… It was a real learning curve, thanks to the feedback of my course colleagues, I managed to make them to the best of my ability.

DSCN9294 copy

These three posters are about things family members can do, such as activites and interaction which can help their loved one suffering from dementia. The images are stills from my stop motion adverts, the concept is to visually show the slow loss of identity and memories but with your engagement, you can help them. For example, the first advert I created (the blue poster) was an elderly lady’s face crumpling into a ball by itself, then ‘However, there are things you can do to help…’, this is the visual cue of hands coming and unraveling the ball, revealing the woman’s face. The blue wax from the background has affected her, showing that you can’t cure someone from dementia but you can help them and their memories temporarily (shown through the involvement of hands), they will still be affected by dementia.

Right, I will post again soon as we are beginning a new project this week. I will also try to remember to post my adverts after the improvements. Anywho, back to writing my dissertation. See you around.


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