Begin Today, End in Five


For a one week project we had to plan the next five years of our lives. Quite a big task. I chose watercolour illustration as I feel this seems to be my natural style, a form I’m most comfortable with. I chose it to be solely visual to set myself a challenge of trying to show the audience what was happening.

I’ll run through my plan: The brief stated to ‘begin today’ so the first panel is reading the timetable we recieved on monday. Following on I created a trio of expressions, the first a little confused by the timetable, followed by a look of concentration and determination for the year. The third is after a period of months, just being stressed and worried. I decided to skip a few things and show the ‘End of Year Exhibition’ as its an important factor in getting our work seen, escpecially our London show. Shortly followed by graduation, in an ideal world I would love and aim for a first because I personally believe I can achieve it, if I try hard enough. After graduating, my plan is travel for a little while and see some of the world, as I have never been abroad. Upon returning I will be catching trains across London for interviews for an internship, after trying various places I will offered an internship. After interning there for a few weeks, I will be offered a job which I will work and gain experience in for a few years. When I am comfortable enough I will leave and create my own studio. This is where I’ll begin achieving my childhood dream (since I was 8) to be an illustrator for childrens books, possibly even self-publish them.

I would love for this plan to follow through, as this is something I have wanted to do for years. It’s a scary concept thinking 5 years ahead but to achieve this and everything I want would be awfully nice.

Our piece needed to printed to A0, not sure why our tutors want it so big, but oh well. Heres how big it is:

DSCN7155 copy

DSCN7159 copy

I also have instagram, through which I post wip, personal photos and attempt to improve my photography work. I would be honoured if you followed me there too: theinfiniteidea


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