spark219 copy

Our summer project going into third year is to create visual representations of a word. This  word has to relate to our dissertations and has to be represented in 10 various chapters using 10 different visual methods. We aren’t allowed to annotate which is quite frustrating as I do love to write about my work.

The word I have chosen to use is ‘Unique’, therefore I have to create 10 chapters showing what unique looks like. I have found it is quite a hard project, however there a few things which lead me into the visualization of the work. The above piece is about our minds, how our personalities and experiences can affect how we are unique. I was slightly inspired by playing card illustrations, which relate to luck (unique chances). I have also experimented with watercolour, by painting on one half of A3 and folding it in half, the outcome is always unique and individual. Below you can see how I’ve experiemented combining the two concepts.


I have a lot more work to get on with, so I will see you around with other experiments of ‘unique’. x


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