Second Year Exhibition

This week we are hosting an exhibition in our university’s library, showcasing 17 students and a variety of work, ranging from personal to competition briefs. We chose to leave our last year’s branding ‘Page 12’ to ‘Kaleidoscope’ due to the last brand lacking personality and reflection of our work.




The main features of our exhibition are the Book Designs showcased in glass display cabinets, posters hung by bulldog clips and string and 3D elements such as a TV made homely to showcase a students GIF work.




A focal point of our exhibition was around a 3D Kaleidoscope which was an interactive element. Part of our branding, in order to distinguish our work from others and promote ourselves, we each selected a shape and pantone colour which was applied to our display notes and business cards. The various shapes were laser cut and placed inside our giant kaleidoscope.



I chose to display my illustrated book ‘Tale of a Tail’ as I found it an enjoyable project and enabled me to do what I love which is illustrating and creating characters. I selected the cover spread, an image spread and an actual phsyical spread of the book in order to show how I work with these types of projects, and my thought process used.


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