A tale of a tail….

A tale of a tail....

I am very proud to present my finished project (due this monday) of an illustrated book. Here are a few of my favourite pages.


4 (1)



I took a norwegian tale of ‘how the Bear got it’s stumpy tail’ and adapted the tale to suit an audience of children, making the story a bit more engaging.

I chose to watercolour the main characters/ features as this is a medium I love to use and I want to show my tutors that this is my style and what I enjoy doing.

The decision of photographed backgrounds was to put the ‘tale’ into context, reflecting the idea that this is a story based on real animals but the story is more of a myth. Due to the backgrounds needed I was unable to take my own photographs, I overcame this problem by producing photo montages by combining elements of photos to create the best settings for the story.

The layout changes after a few pages to keep the pace of the story, I planned the layout to either suggest which character is talking or how the character feels.

This project has fullfilled a dream I have had since I was a child, to illustrate a childrens book. It isn’t perfect and there are areas to improve but I am proud of this project.I shall post a follow up in a little while of photograohs of the final product. xx


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