Anthony Burrill Protest graphics

Anthony Burrill Protest graphics

Roughly two weeks ago, famous designer Anthony Burrill set our university course to produce some protest graphics.
The protest coming under three catergories: Love, Hate and Change. We spent the first day of the brief post-it noting things that annoy us or things we which to celebrate.
My best post-it, was the annoyance of someone telling you to do something one way and then another person coming along and telling you another way, it really bothers me. So I reduced it down to ‘This way, that way, my way’ and produced a triangular board to represent this.
After producing the board, we had to hit the streets and get photos of us protesting. I wanted a front and back view of myself protesting. As it shows ‘this way and that way’ are behind me and I’ll go ‘my way’ forward. We then had a crit with Burrill and he pointed out that I had my camera bag and camera on (which I should have removed, oops). He also helped develop an idea of dressing in threee different ways to establish how my style and personality are my own. I intend to take photos doing this at some point,the next step is develop our phrases into stencils for silk-printing.

So I’ll see you then x


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