If you look up there ^^ to where your tabs are open, the small image (16×16 pixels) is a favicon. We had to design our own for our website in the future. Now this design is way bigger than 16×16, because we had to make a digital, paper and object version.
I chose a jar because I am quite obsessed with jars as of recent. Also the first drawing I drew which I liked and thought had real mening behind it, included many jars. The lightbulb? because I’m full of ideas… I’m always come up with some sort of idea, I’m constantly thinking.
And sudoku? Because I love it, and stupidly enough I tried to finish off the squares after I coloured it in and stuck some upside down!


2 responses to “Favicon

  1. Very cool! Looks quite pro. I have been designing a lot of my own desktop icons in the last little while. I use a piece of freeware called Icofx what program do you use?

    • Thank you very much. I’ve never heard of Icofx, I shall look it up it certainly sounds like something I could use. I actually didn’t use a piece of software, just paper, glue, scissors and pens. I scanned it in and then discovered yesterday that you can upload it onto your favicon space through the settings. But I will have a look into this free software. Cheers again x

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