That feeling…

That feeling...

Its going to take a while but I plan to try and get this blog up to date over the next couple of days.
This is the beginning art work for our 4th project (the biggest) which we finished just after christmas. It was a book creation project, so we randomly selected objects from a cardbox (feeling around inside it) and we had to the create a collection of objects which linked. I picked a tacky souvenir tip tray which I hated to begin with.
I decided to create a guide to getting rid of your tat and collected objects. I planned to sort out my tat as the book continued and create images to show the back story of each object.
One object, was this plastic ring I had since I was a child and I thought I should make the back story about another child giving it to you as a show of their affection. During the time of drawing this, I was in the beginning of a relationship and they hold a small resemblance to me and him.


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