Attached to Tat?- Kit cover

Attached to Tat?- Kit cover

Tada! This was and is my front cover for my book and the kit box cover too.
Linking back to the tat tray, I took all the things I found in drawers at home and things from crackers and arranged them colour order to produce ‘the tat rainbow’ and I realised it didn’t hold any links to my book idea, it needed to reflect the content of the book. I designed my book in such a way that there was a colour of each chapter. So using this as my basis I drew round each object in Illustrator. Each colour links to a chapter, so each red object= sentimentality . This works because it links directly to the book and I used this image again on each chapter page to show what type of objects you’ll want to keep or get rid of, in the commencing chapter. It also became a big factor in the layout of my book, so they followed this stripe of obejcts across the page. I have to admit that originally I was going to create an illustration for the cover, but this looks clean and crisp, and not tacky at all.


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